How cryptopatterns helps you Trade/ Invest in Bitcoin / Altcoins SAFELY and PROFITABLY

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Gonna get rich trading or investing in crypto?  Sounds good. One small problem….

Over 90% of traders lose money — some lose everything (more than they invest using margin).  cryptopatterns is committed to making sure you’re not one of them.

Here are 3 keys that longer term subs have told make the cryptopatterns newsletter a “must read” for their crypto trading and investing:

tl:dr  Think of cryptopatterns as an “insurance policy” to make sure you have covered all the bases in your trading or investing strategy.

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Benefit 1  Check your work.  “Did I miss anything?”  

Compare your trading plan against cryptopatterns analysis built by traders with 10 years trading experience studying a wide variety of successful trading systems and trading in all trading markets.

Red Flags. “That’s gonna skyrocket. What could possibly go wrong?”

Cryptopatterns uses a very broad array of patterns and indicators — we do our best to identify the many risks that are involved with trading.  You can read our daily updates instead of or in addition to watching the crypto market on a frequent basis.

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Building a Trade Strategy  “How much should I invest? How long should I hodl? when should I bail?”

Whenever possible, we share entry and stop ranges that offer the highest probability for profit on a trade.   We also guide you in developing develop SHORT TERM  /INTERMEDIATE TERM/ AND LONG TERM investment strategies so you can trade and  hodl your key positions with confidence AND have funds available for ST trades we identify (example: our 11/10 post showing BCH targets at $2500 USD the day before it tripled and hit $2750)

We think our service is now more valuable than ever because the investment world is now aware of crypto — and the wall street sharks have to make their money somewhere.

We don’t want them to make any of YOUR money, and we will remain committed to doing everything we can to make sure our subscribers can trade SAFELY and PROFITABLY.

Avoid our 2017 rate increase from $25 to $50 per month if you subscribe by December 15, 2017  (link to subscribe on your right ————->)

Best of luck in your crypto trading and investing!


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We’re pleased to announce our 1st ever

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Here are some real examples we’ve shared with subscribers in just the last month (months of prior free posts can be found HERE) that we know were useful to our subscribers

FROM YESTERDAY  (never too late to get on the BTC bullish bus w/ high prob patterns….)

btc market wrap 11 24

We told subs trading edge for BCH from $450 – and showed $2500 was good probability at around $600–a day before it hit $2500….Lots of accurate updates for BCH since too….

BCH early 11 10

Dash early 11 18ETC early 11 17

nxt 11 20 earlyLTC real time 11 16

ETH has been tough to call–we’ve shared why with subs in prior posts — but patterns nailed the recent breakout….

eth market wrap 11 2

eth early 11 24


Over the last 6 months, we have proven the value of our SAFE TRADING and educational updates to hundreds of traders — now, for the first time, you can see for yourself by receiving our daily updates that include the latest

  • patterns
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cryptopatterns newsletter is a vital resource for

  • Experienced traders who want to compare their analysis and trading strategies to our proven patterns indicators and probability analysis
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  • All traders new to crypto who want the benefits of experienced traders updates who have studied the crypto market daily for over a year.


Instead of spending money marketing our service, we invested in proving our value with quality updates.  Now you can see for yourself during our 1 week open house by just

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This site is for educational and entertainment purposes only and not in any way intended to be investment or trading advice.  You are 100% responsible for your financial decisions at all times.  It is highly recommended you DO NOT  make any investment or trading decisions depending upon what you read on this blog/newsletter!  All information presented (c) 2017 JBP cons, inc.  All rights reserved.

VTC Vertcoin: Pattern trading shows 2 diff successful ways to safely trade

Below are the two charts we shared with subs for VTC to show them how pattern trading can help prevent “chasing” trades that can be very costly.

1st chart shows the breakout of the bullish pattern and a target of .00075 (actual high was .0079)

vtc early 10 22 17

Note we indicated that the best time to enter this trade was on a “retest of the breakout” which would be around .00045 — as you can see in the 2nd chart below, after VTC hit it’s target it pulled back nearly 50% to….


vtc retest 10 24

And VTC is now on the way up again — so if you entered around .00045 you’ve never been down on the trade and are now up almost 50%!

Not every pattern trade works out this well (or this precisely).  But staying aware of pattern analysis as well as common trading patterns such as “retests” (see our educational section for more retest examples) can help you learn trade safely, to include PATIENCE as part of your trading strategy when it makes sense,  and to avoid FOMO which is very hard to do in the fast moving crypto market.

Most importantly, using patterns you can trade safely and profitably in very challenging markets like crypto with probabilities on your side, and that is exactly what the cryptopatterns newsletter and our daily and real time updates are all about.

TThis site is for educational and entertainment purposes only and not in any way intended to be investment or trading advice.  You are 100% responsible for your financial decisions at all times.  It is highly recommended you DO NOT  make any investment or trading decisions depending upon what you read on this blog/newsletter!  All information presented (c) 2017 JBP cons, inc.  All rights reserved.his is what the cryptopatterns newsletter is all

NEO Real Time Update RED FLAG (Pennant) 9 5 17 9:10 PM EST

neo real time 9 5

NOTE:  Neo offers a great example of the benefits of the cryptopatterns newsletter. We want to show traders and investors the highest probability moves for key cryptocurrencies to help them STAY SAFE.

We don’t just hand you trades, we show you how to build a “trading strategy” that fits your objectives.  We think it’s vital to educate traders/investors so they can develop the skills needed over time to avoid becoming one of the 90% (or more) who fail at trading or worse, blow out their trading accounts, or worse, lose more than they invest (sometimes everything) using high risk margin and futures leverage.

To learn more about pennant and flag patterns see link at end of post

We study a variety of patterns and indicators we’ve studied learned and used in 10 years of active trading practice. We know NOTHING WORKS EVERY TIME, but if you consider all the important factors, you can “build a case” to buy, sell or hodl that gives you an edge in the probability of that trade/investment succeeding.

As a real time example, we share in the chart above the current chart of the very popular crypto NEO — why? Because we know many traders are seriously considering buying at what feels like “can’t go lower” levels.  Probabilities say it can, and we just wanted anyone interested to know so they can develop the most informed trading strategy possible.

If you’re interested in analysis like this on a daily basis and learning how markets really work (vs news and hype), you can subscribe to the cryptopatterns newsletter using the link on this page.

We hope you find this information / analysis useful and we wish you the best of luck in your trading/investing efforts. Most of all we hope you’ll STAY SAFE so, unlike most,  you can be around for years to come and benefit from the untapped potential of this amazing crypto market.

This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and not in any way intended to be investment or trading advice.  You are 100% responsible for your financial decisions at all times.  It is highly recommended you DO NOT  make any investment or trading decisions depending upon what you read on this blog/newsletter!

TO LEARN MORE: Pennant – Investopedia  

or visit:  cryptopatterns basic educational post category

Divergences say BUY ETH NOW. Should you?

NOTE: ETH went up $8 since we began writing this post – that means divergences were right, right? 🙂

Should you buy ETH right now?  How do YOU decide?  Price? Potential for the technology? Those are useful, but can they tell you go BUY NOW?  We’ll show you another way to decide called divergence, and, to us, it says BUY ETH NOW.

cryptopatterns offers an educational newsletter.  If that education can produce profitable trades all the better.  So, we’re going to introduce divergences using a real potential trade for ETH.  You can then decide if you agree or disagree with our assessment, add it to your own research and trading strategy (you have one, right?), and hopefully, make the best possible trading decision if you are interested in trading ETH.


The point where two things split off from each other is called a divergence.

So if we’re going to trade ETH using divergences we want to find a pattern, indicator or SOMETHING that is not consistent or has “split off” from the way things normally look when we review an ETH chart.


cryptopatterns studies dozens of indicators to “build our case” for buying or selling a cryptocurrency.  When you’ve studied thousands of charts over 10 years, it becomes easier to pick up when one or more pieces of the puzzle just doesn’t fit.  Here are a few examples for our potential ETH Trade:


Volume divergence is when there is a split off between price and volume.  Here’s the details on the current ETH chart:

eth vol divergence 8 13

So, does volume divergence say to BUY ETH NOW?  No, if anything, this volume divergence is a red flag to SELL ETH because

Price went UP

Volume went DOWN = BEARISH Volume Divergence

We want to see demand (volume)  increase with price — something like this:

NEO vol 8 13

The bottom line is volume is generally not useful to tell you to BUY NOW — it’s a better tool for “confirmation” which is a different topic for a different post.  We’re trying to decide if we should buy ETH now, so let’s look for other divergences.


This is when something happens that you don’t normally see in a proven price pattern — here’s an example from LTC that just happened yesterday:

LTC div 8 13

In this example, pattern divergence does not tell us to BUY LTC now, instead it was a red flag to sell LTC (which we shared with subs) and reassess.  So pattern divergence has great use and could be a buy or sell signal, but if we review ETH’s chart above, we don’t see any pattern divergence, so we have to look for other clues.


If you’re new to trading, you’re likely overwhelmed by the endless options to draw lines, channels, and do statistical analysis on charts using dozens of indicators offered by the exchange you trade on — don’t worry, we are too.  Here’s a quick example from Bittrex Exchange:

bittrex indicators 8 13

You don’t have to understand every indicator to use one or more effectively. However, it is worth your time to learn a few of them and understand how to use them in your trading decisions.  We’ll show you one for ETH we’ve used successfully called the MACD (read all about it and how it works HERE) 

ETH divergence 8 13

This set up where price is HIGHER and indicators are LOWER is called BULLISH DIVERGENCE.  Why bullish?

In order to correct this divergence one of two things has to happen:

  1. Price has to go HIGHER to pull the indicator higher  OR
  2. Price has to drop A LOT  (like to $214 range!)

Either of these moves will get price and indicator back “in sync” — which if you study charts you will see they are in sync most of the time.


What is ETH’s indicator divergence telling us?  It’s saying there’s a bullish edge in probabilities because that indicator is really low and there’s a better chance of it moving up than down right now–and what makes the MACD go up?



As you can see above, divergences guarantee nothing — ETH could tank and wipe out the bullish divergence — and then there’s the setttings of the MACD which you can manipulate, then there’s the time frame, divergences often read differently on the 30 minute vs the 1 hour vs 2 hour vs 4 hour vs Daily charts.  There’s a lot to learn about divergences, but they are an incredibly useful tool as a PART of an overall trading strategy.

That’s where so many other patterns, indicators and targets can be used as CONFIRMATION of divergence to make better trading decisions.  And that’s EXACTLY what we do every day for our subscribers at

cryptopatterns newsletter

We use every type of divergence imaginable, watch all the patterns and indicators, and share our research so traders can see our take on the probabilities as well as LEARN HOW TO DO THEIR OWN — this offers a great edge in probabilities for trading and investing in their short term, intermediate term and long term cryptocurrency trades.


Only you can decide, and even if divergences make it a screaming buy, the bigger question is WHAT IS YOUR TRADING STRATEGY?  How long do you plan to hold? What’s your price target? What’s your exit strategy?  Check our education category for more free posts on many of these subjects, and watch for more to come.

This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and not in any way intended to be investment or trading advice.  You are 100% responsible for your financial decisions at all times.  It is highly recommended you DO NOT  make any investment or trading decisions depending upon what you read on this blog/newsletter!

We called the May BTC cryptocurrency crash but didn’t advise short it. Should you short now?

short margin call

Most won’t lose this much, but traders can (and do) lose more than they invest shorting the crypto market.  Some lose everything they own….

The patterns are clear that trading in the current crypto market is dangerous, which can lead to huge upside or market crashes.  Our pattern analysis called the 50% crash in BTC  in May as you can see in this post:

BTC XRP Updates 5 26 17 9:10 AM Est

Is there more serious downside coming?  If so, does it make sense to short the crypto market?

To answer the first question — we’ll share that we don’t see the same patterns as the BTC market May crash but we are on “ETH Watch”.  We will be keeping subs updated daily on market conditions and hopefully be in front of big moves which patterns often are.

This post is focused on the second question, which is actually more important in the big picture than what the market is going to do today, this week or this month:

Should you consider shorting cryptocurrencies if you see big downside?

Good question — this post shares our reasons why we don’t see shorting as part of safe, high probability trading for most traders.

1) We’re working under the premise we’re in a LT Bull Market
Since cryptopatterns entire focus is SAFE high probability trading, shorting in a LT bull mkt reduces the probabilities for anything but ST and possibly IT shorts, and even then there can be significant surprises to the upside — for example BTC after it crashed from 2700 to 1500 shot up to nearly 3000–and even just a few days ago shooting up $700 when many gurus were screaming to short it.

trader suicied

2) Unlimited risk
Since many of our subscribers are new to trading  we think the highest probability for staying with trading is staying safe and avoiding trades where you can lose more than you invest.  This is why we don’t encourage margin trading on the long side either, though we know experienced traders can certainly benefit from both shorting and margin trading.

shorting confusing

3) Shorting on most crypto exchanges is difficult and confusing.
We’ve been trading for over a decade and still can’t figure out some of the costs and procedures to short on most exchanges.  and this relates to

4) What are you shorting against?

If you can only short one crypto against another it’s possible you can be very right and make no money (have had this experience personally).  For example if you short ETH against BTC and both move down, you were right to short ETH but still made no money because the BTC you borrowed to short is now worth less as well.  If you can short against USDT or the USD or whatever your fiat currency is, then shorting can make sense.

So to summarize — we are not against shorting, but it doesn’t fit safe trading in the current crypto market because it’s more difficult to execute, takes more discipline (which many traders don’t have), is far more risky than only trading long (in a LT bull market and without margin trading), and is not evolved on many exchanges to be easy to make money and assure liquidity too (we watched multiple traders  blow out large accounts when they couldn’t get their trades to execute on Poloniex so they could cover during XRP’s massive run up for example).

Finally, and perhaps most importantly:

There is plenty of money to be made on the long side with safe trading — and much higher prob of consistently doing it for years to come.  Most traders don’t stay in the game for months much less years, and shorting the market is a big reason why.
cryptopatterns header

There may come a day when shorting makes more sense as platforms and shorting against fiat currencies becomes easier.  Down the road, it’s also likely there will be a time when there is a clear edge to shorting the market consistently, and we believe our patterns and indicators will let us know.
Subscribe to cryptopatterns newsletter and we’ll show you how to find an edge to trade safely for the long-term in any market.
All content on blog/newsletter (c) 2017 jbp cons.  all rights reserved.


Should you “Buy and Hodl” BTC ETH Cryptocurrencies? 3 Keys to Decide

We’re curious how “buy and hodl” investors are feeling today?  Probably just like stock investors in early 2009 during the financial crisis.  They’re likely finally starting to wonder, “I’m still way up on my BTC or ETH, should I sell and just be done with it?”

3 notes:

  1. That’s not buying and hodling
  2. That’s EXACTLY what they want you to think.
  3. Maybe they should just sell and take their profits — ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN

Of course every situation is different so we can’t recommend what you should do right now, however, we can review an alternative to strictly buy and hodl investing that’s worth considering, especially in a market as volatile as cryptocurrency.


KEY 1 Define Your Trading Funds

What if you were watching the crypto market drop 50% over the last few weeks with 50% of your investment funds in cash?  It’s fairly easy to accomplish this if you set up clear definitions for your funds — we like the following:

  • VST = Very short term
  • ST = Short term
  • IT = Intermediate term
  • LT = Long-term (essentially buy and hodl)

This approach allows you to have funds available for short term opportunities when they arise.  More importantly, if you don’t want to be an active trader, you can leave the VST ST and IT funds in cash so you’ve got a hedge against huge downturns like the current crypto correction.

Here’s a handy table we shared in a recent subscriber educational post

trading guidelines 6 20

You can learn much more about defining your trades in our educational post:

How (and why) to define your BTC cryptocurrency trades VST ST IT or LT to make money


Here’s a scaling strategy we shared in a recent post (link below) and have been reviewing for weeks with our newsletter subscribers

  • Block 1  10%
  • Block 2 10%
  • Block 3  20%
  • Block 4  20%
  • Block 5 FINAL BLOCK 40%

“BLOCK 6” RESERVE Some traders keep a reserve fund usually = 25% -50% additional for a 100+% investment if patterns and indicators justify the additional funds.

A scaling strategy can be applied to VST ST IT and LT funds to minimize risk.  Popular “safe” investment approaches such as “dollar cost averaging” is a form of scaling.

We think the following descriptions of these blocks (from the post) describe where we are today:

Block 4   Use Daily and even weekly charts once price gets this low.  Here’s where you also need to take a hard look at what “wave” your investment is likely in.  As we get closer to fully invested we want to be convinced that our story for the investment is still valid.

Block 5  Same as Block 4 — careful consideration should be given to REDUCING your investment before adding block 5 or 6 — why will this investment go up from here?  You need a better answer than “it just has to” or “I want to make back what I’m down”

Where are you in your investing strategy today?  Fully invested and watching losses mount?    Don’t feel badly if you’ve gone too fast — whales and bots are experts in convincing you the bus is leaving without you….until it isn’t.

You can learn all about scaling strategies in this cryptopatterns newsletter post

Step by step how to “Scale” into cryptocurrency trades for long-term success



We were screaming this while BTC was near $3000, and we’ll keep screaming it if BTC falls back below $1000 (could that happen? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE).

Just like the attitude that many traders chase 100% returns when they seem to be happening on a daily basis, buy and hodl investors tend to get way too comfortable that a hot market will stay hot forever, or “always come back”.

The stock market has skewed our thinking because we’re in an extended rally.  If you bought in 2000 you barely broke even in 2010–a 10 year period before another uptrend started.  Or for a current example. Natural Gas is a useful commodity, right?  Seems like a good long-term bet to “always trend up”  Take a look at this long term 10 YEAR Natural Gas Chart 2007-current:

natgas 10 year 7 16

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy and hodl.  What it does mean is to set realistic expectations for your investments.  Look around.  What else can you invest in right now that you can earn 10-20% on your money per year?  Most safe investments are lucky to pay 2-3% per year!

So there are 3 keys to consider.  We’ll add one more. We think KEY 4 could be to subscribe to cryptopatterns newsletter, so you can stay aware of probabilities for big moves in the crypto market.  We teach subscribers SAFE trading / investing strategies at all times and are proud of the fact we’ve been encouraging subscribers to use a scaling strategy for their investing funds for weeks. 

With those 3-4 keys in mind, NOW is a great time to reset your thinking, and decide just how much sense buy and hodl truly makes for you.

Once you’ve got realistic goals and the above keys in mind, you can make needed adjustments to your cryptocurrency investment portfolio to plan to earn a strong return like 10-20% overall per year that will put you in the top 10% (more like top 1%) of all traders and investors.

This site is for educational and entertainment purposes only and not in any way intended to be investment or trading advice.  You are 100% responsible for your financial decisions at all times.  It is highly recommended you DO NOT  make any investment or trading decisions depending upon what you read on this blog/newsletter!  All information presented (c) 2017 JBP cons, inc.  All rights reserved.