BTC NXT SOYBEANS? Early Updates 7 20 17 9:10 AM EST

BTC exploded past the breakout point of THE GAME CHANGER pattern — is it on it’s way to test key $2789?  high volume and looks bullish BUT



When it makes sense to trade — then hopefully we have the skills to do so successfully — THIS DOESN’T MEAN MAKING MONEY EVERY TRADE — that reset in thinking is so key.

That said, unless you like going short (we’ll have a post on shorting soon), the last several weeks have NOT been a time to trade cryptos — HOLDING CASH can be a successful trade too.  On the other hand scaling into trades has been safe and successful thus far —

SO BOTTOM LINE: Adjust your trade strategy to fit the trend and wave you’re trading-  If you’re not high prob confident of the trend and the wave (we have NOT been in crypto for weeks–still are not–use smaller positions, scale in/out or DON’T TRADE!

With that said, We’ll show you that game changer chart again plus 3 new ones–ALL involve trade opportunities for SAFE DEFINED TRADING in a TIME where it makes sense to consider stop loss trading (scaling in is still an option of course).

BTC Market wrap 7 18

BTC EARLY 7 19NXT trade 7 19

SOYBEANS TRADE — POTENTIAL WAVE 3 TRADE what we should be looking for in our trades

We focus on crypto trading and the potential continues to be great–but traders should not fight wave cycles that have proven themselves over and over in multiple markets — read this educational post if you have not already.


Wave 3 is usually the biggest move in a wave cycle and SOYB is showing signs that it is in the early stages of wave 3 — can we guarantee it?  Of course not, but it offers a great opportunity for traders to study the keys, patterns and indicators in a clearly bullish market which gives you an edge to trade.

AND as you’ll see in the notes–today presents a unique opportunity where the waves indicators and patterns all say BUY with a very clear and relatively low risk stop loss (which MUST  be honored if you decide this trade fits your strategy)

So, if SOYB is in wave 3–we’ll know SOON (and might make a few bucks along the way SAFELY:-) — and whether you take the trade or not, you”l learn how important it is to find trades where the probabilities are on your side rather than forcing crypto trades when the trend and wave timing are not clear or worse–working against you.

 EXAMPLE:  buy dips on SOYB ETF today or scale in if shoots straight up — if you buy 200 shares — you can hold 100 LT and use 50 ST and 50 IT and get on the bus for ride if truly wave 3 — take 50 off at gap fill at 19.50 which should happen in next 1-3 days (gonna gap up this morning per futures)
definitely honor the stop on this because if wave 3 shouldn’t retrace through like 4 high vol support levels—should break the $22 recent high fairly soon if wave 3 so upside is good.

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Soyb 7 20

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