BTC XBT EOS OMG GNT crypto market early updates June 2, 2018 10:45 AM EST

NOTE:  Welcome to June!  We have some improvements for subs headed your way — a new website and more content — you’ll be receiving info via email soon — please share your feedback, we want cryptopatterns to be as helpful as possible!

PLUS — LT charts are coming — we think you’ll find them useful — sneak preview — they support the LT bullish case for EOS and BTC (though use ST charts for ST/IT trades!) 

FOR TODAY:  We want to share updated charts on EOS and BTC but we’ll also include several charts from the last week or so that are still very much in play.  Here’s a summary then the charts:

  1. BTC — We’re on track to fill that gap on XBT we shared 2 days ago SO FAR….
  2. EOS — We’ve shared bullish patterns for some time — bulls have the ball….
  3. GNT — Bullish set up still bullish….
  4. OMG — Good name for the upside here — now showing bullish signs
  5. MAID — Stubborn bullish behavior — trades still valid, but time running out…
  6. STR/XLM — not shown but see prior posts — patterns bullish….


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