NXT Real Time Update pt. II 8 6 17 2:45 PM EST

NOTE: We’re focused on NXT at this point because all other cryptos are behaving in the range we would expect them to for the “bullish wave” case.

Plus we promised you an “educational experience” on this secondary NXT trade (first was move from .10 – .15 as you may recall) win lose or draw. 🙂

The chart below shows the uncertainty going on with NXT at the moment (if you look at shorter time frames like 30 minute you’ll see even more wavy patterns.

BUT – patterns are showing a few clues that we think are worthy of follow up for education purposes (we’re going to do a full post on divergences soon) and may be worthy of consideration in your trading strategy in “real time”  as well…..so…..

here you go — we’ll update again if we think it’s timely….no limit on real time updates for SAFE PROFITABLE trading!

We note a “bounce” on the chart below — an educated guess (moderate probability) of min bounce would be to .15-.16 range to test that key target level from prior pattern. If we get to that level check volume and how price reacts at that time — strong reaction either way should tell you highest prob for position management.

nxt real time 8 6 2

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