BTC ZEC real time update May 18, 2018 2:15 AM EST

NOTE:  BTC closed below key $8400 and has already broken $8000 on most exchanges but has not see sharp drop you would expect from breaking key support levels YET.

Now we see ZEC showing a potentially very bullish pattern if we can see a bullish close.  In addition BTC (not shown) has already made a lower low today and reversed which would also be bullish (at least short term) if it can close green.  We’ll add that BTC closed lower yesterday on lower volume (again) — price says SELL but fewer are selling so far….

Maybe ZEC is going to move up strongly on it’s own?  We think there’s a higher prob ZEC will move with BTC which continues to define general crypto market directions and therefore ZEC is a good market indicator to watch over the 1-3 days at least.

Remember close is what matters and this is definitely a time to HONOR ALL STOP LOSSES without hesitation.  If we turn down from here mod/high prob we will see a fast drop towards $7250 BTC and back to $250 ZEC (full retrace of move up)

zec real time 5 18

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