XEM BTC NEM real time update 3 13 2018 2:20 AM EST

NOTE:   Here’s a very bullish looking chart sticking out in the middle of a lot of weak looking cryptos for one of the largest cryptos not traded in USDT (only traded in BTC).

This is definitely a “close is what matters” trade as it could easily reverse to red by the close which would be high prob bearish as volume is already high early in the trading day– keep that in mind in your position sizing if you decide this trade fits your trading straetgy ST/IT.  XEM also is showing bullish signs LT which we’ll cover in a future post if we see confirmation of the pattern shown in the chart below.

Whether you trade it or not — this is worth watching as you would not expect to see such a widely traded coin moving up if we’re heading much lower for BTC and ETH.

nem real time 3 12


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