How cryptopatterns helps you Trade/ Invest in Bitcoin / Altcoins SAFELY and PROFITABLY

what could go wrong meme

Gonna get rich trading or investing in crypto?  Sounds good. One small problem….

Over 90% of traders lose money — some lose everything (more than they invest using margin).  cryptopatterns is committed to making sure you’re not one of them.

Here are 3 keys that longer term subs have told make the cryptopatterns newsletter a “must read” for their crypto trading and investing:

tl:dr  Think of cryptopatterns as an “insurance policy” to make sure you have covered all the bases in your trading or investing strategy.

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Benefit 1  Check your work.  “Did I miss anything?”  

Compare your trading plan against cryptopatterns analysis built by traders with 10 years trading experience studying a wide variety of successful trading systems and trading in all trading markets.

Red Flags. “That’s gonna skyrocket. What could possibly go wrong?”

Cryptopatterns uses a very broad array of patterns and indicators — we do our best to identify the many risks that are involved with trading.  You can read our daily updates instead of or in addition to watching the crypto market on a frequent basis.

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Building a Trade Strategy  “How much should I invest? How long should I hodl? when should I bail?”

Whenever possible, we share entry and stop ranges that offer the highest probability for profit on a trade.   We also guide you in developing develop SHORT TERM  /INTERMEDIATE TERM/ AND LONG TERM investment strategies so you can trade and  hodl your key positions with confidence AND have funds available for ST trades we identify (example: our 11/10 post showing BCH targets at $2500 USD the day before it tripled and hit $2750)

We think our service is now more valuable than ever because the investment world is now aware of crypto — and the wall street sharks have to make their money somewhere.

We don’t want them to make any of YOUR money, and we will remain committed to doing everything we can to make sure our subscribers can trade SAFELY and PROFITABLY.

Avoid our 2017 rate increase from $25 to $50 per month if you subscribe by December 15, 2017  (link to subscribe on your right ————->)

Best of luck in your crypto trading and investing!


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