LTC DASH real time updates 7 6 17 11:55 PM EST

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NOTE:  IT STILL ALL COMES DOWN TO ETH for the next big move in the crypto market — and, for now, still SLIGHT EDGE TO BULLS

Just wanted to paint the rest of the picture of our 3 breakout cryptos — Again highest prob move is to use position management and tighten stops on ST and IT trades.  There’s still more than enough bullish signs to consider THE PATTERN failed.

Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know when your bullish plan has serious red flags — tests your confidence in your plan which will absolutely make you a much better trader for years to come.

Final note:  For those new to trading — there are long periods of time where this waffling around between bullish and bearish does not happen — especially during bullish trends in a LT bullish market — we just had that for the last year — you’re just a little late 🙂  But hang in there — whales and bots are just collecting crypto in our opinion and the LT bull is still high prob to return–and when it does, we’ll know it.  Until then, error to trading safely and learn all you can!

DASH real time night 7 6LTC h and s 7 6


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