BTC Bitcoin crypto market real time update 7 5 2017 9:25 AM EST

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NOTE ON BTC — current price offers a strong risk/return entry point — stop below current lows (like $2465)  Reason is you are now above KEY MA’s and KEY $2500 level so if that was their retest of both of those key levels we should go up from here — as you’ve seen with LTC they can retest multiple times so $2465 or lower keeps you below where MOST retests would hit — if they take you out DON’T CHASE — not high prob trading–but it’s a good risk/return entry point so trade at your own risk if it fits your trading strategy.

Super low risk version of this trade = wait and enter at retest of $2500 if it comes….

NOTE:  One addition to early update:  Good idea to reset thinking to NOT expect fast moves or even large moves up like LTC even if we are on bullish path.

They can take as long as they like to shake out weak hands and coming off 2 serious drops and just avoiding a 3rd drop (so far) it makes sense they will spend some time getting traders to the sidelines (especially ETH if that’s on bullish path — even strong bulls have to be wondering) before moving to new highs

So they might skyrocket prices today, but we just want to focus on key levels and be on the right side of the trade — these are ST and IT trades — weeks to months — not VST trades that need to produce 20% returns today.  (if they do–great but expecting it? Dangerous)

BTC real time 7 5


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