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Cryptopatterns mission is education for cryptocurrency traders.

We’ve been traders in a wide variety of markets for over a decade, studied multiple effective trading systems taught by experienced traders,  and  followed, traded and posted/tweeted about trading the crypto market for over a year to prove the consistently accuracy and usefulness of our pattern, indicator and market analysis before starting our subscriber newsletter in April 2017.  For example, there’s this recent XMR Monero post/tweet that was met and far exceeded — Subs had a follow up post showing targets adjusted from 150-200 which were also met:

XMR 100 trade 8 17

But don’t have to take our word for it — you can review our twitter feed @cryptopatterns, and we offer a number of free posts since starting our newsletter in April 2017 that you can review to see what the “real world” of trading using our SAFE HIGH PROBABILITY tools is all about.

You can now review ALL our MAY THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2017 posts for free — click on the month on the right side of this blog under Archives using the drop down on the right —  the password where required  is 

Septflow for September posts

Augustus for August posts

Julyplan22 for July posts

Cryptju for June posts

Maycrypto for May posts

If you’d like to review April 2017 for free write us at

A good place to start checking out our free posts focused on keeping traders SAFE is this post where we projected a low for BTC Bitcoin around $1700 (and the entire market crash which happened a few days alter) while the price was still near 2400

BTC XRP Updates 5 26 17 9:10 AM Est

Click on the Basics-Educational and FREE posts categories for more

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Subscribers to cryptopatterns newsletter receive:

  • Daily Early Updates
  • Real Time Market Updates
  • Real time analysis of all large high volume cryptos that trade in USD or USDT – these analyses show patterns, indicators and potential targets.
  • Trader education including unique red flags, market indicators and trader psychology to manage the high stress nature of trading most don’t anticipate (until it’s too late)
  • Real time analysis of higher risk lower volume cryptos when risk/return justifies
  • Daily Market Wrap summaries including trade ideas, updated charts and specifics of what to watch for in curent market for short term, intermediate term and long term.

All of this is included for a low monthly (or even lower annual) fee.   Cancel any time – no questions asked and no further obligation.

We are committed to helping traders (especially our subscribers) stay safe and stay in the trading game profitably for years and hope you find our information –free or subscriber — helpful.

This site is for educational and entertainment purposes only and not in any way intended to be investment or trading advice.  You are 100% responsible for your financial decisions at all times.  It is highly recommended you DO NOT  make any investment or trading decisions depending upon what you read on this blog/newsletter!  All information presented (c) 2017 JBP cons, inc.  All rights reserved.


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