LTC Litecoin 6 Subscriber Trade Charts from July 2 7 3 17 8:30 AM EST

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We started the day expecting more downside (because that’s what probabilities told us to expect-we don’t want to trade without an edge), but

when the patterns turned bullish for Litecoin, we TRADED WHAT WE SAW – because we could do so safely.  We were never down on the trade and never got close to our stops (shown in chart below) — THAT IS SAFE TRADING and that’s what we are —the leading (only?) educational resource for cryptocurrency traders.

What should we be looking for from LTC today?  ETH? BTC? DASH? DGB? Other cryptos?  Our newsletter SUBSCRIBERS KNOW and will be updated again today.  If you’d like to try a subscription the links are here on the blog.

Here’s the charts we shared with subscribers — ALL IN REAL TIME YESTERDAY (in reverse order last one first).

LTC trade op market wrap

Added this note below chart to be sure subs STAYED IN TRADE and let stops take care of risk (this was important because 2 hour candle closed barely red–which was still bullish):

Highest prob to let this trade get stopped out rather than just sell if we close red– LTC is bullish above these stops and it’s good practice to execute according to your trading plan.

LTC buy sig 7 2

NOTE: They came back and took out stops down to $39.50  — 15 cents above our suggested “scale out price” —  Gotta love patterns — we do anyhow….


ltc 30 min real time 7 2ltc 30 min real time divergence 7 2LTC real time stops 7 2

The note on this chart is what our subscribers will be learning about today –  and it will matter a lot in developing and executing SAFE (and hopefully profitable) trading plans.

LTC real time update 7 2


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