BTC Bitcoin crypto market real time update 6 30 17 11:45 AM EST

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NOTE:  You can just feel the tension building eh?  Maybe it’s just us – but we are at what appears to be at some very key pattern points right now….Volatile markets don’t stay calm for long — and it’s been several days….

2510 range is the first key number on this chart — if BTC gets above that then 2540 range top of right shoulder — after that high prob pattern failure — do keep in mind

The inverse head and shoulders from two days ago is still in play (barely survived) w/ tgt $2650

We have not seen patterns meet targets in current mkt. so if this one does strong confirmation of either THE PATTERN or bullish case depending on which way this pattern goes…

Don’t front run anything — have a plan and trade it–that’s how to succeed long term.

btc real time update 6 30


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