3 OBVIOUS Cryptocurrency Trading Keys To Success/Profit

trader suicied

If these 3 keys to trading success are so obvious, why

  • do most traders (like 90% or more) LOSE MONEY?
  • do some traders blow out multiple trading accounts?
  • do some traders lose everything they own and more (even leading to suicide?)

It all comes down to this:

Knowing what to do when faced with the stresses and pressures of trading is far easier said than done.  

But, in order to practice them, let’s be sure you know these 3 “obvious” keys:

  1. Get your entry price or don’t trade

— the market is too volatile to “just buy”–you’ll get shaken out, get frustrated and lose money.

2. If you can’t honor a stop don’t trade

— you must be able to exit trades EXACTLY when your plan calls for (this can be a “hard stop” or a specific “scale out strategy”)  – or you might find yourself in the middle of a crash hoping price comes back — AND LOSING MORE MONEY THAN YOU INVESTED (if you use margin or futures)   — don’t let it happen to you.

3. Greed kills because at some point you will bet against the trend (likely without knowing it)

– in strong bull markets, you hear people say–don’t sell yet — it’s still gonna go higher–and it often does (think ETH until recently).

Many traders continue thinking that way as prices start to fall (think ETH very recently), but now it’s “hang on, it will come back” — forget all that sort of thinking and focus on big picture

10-15% profit is GREAT for an annual return in a trading account — you don’t need many (any?) home runs and you can absorb multiple small trading losses and still achieve great returns if you can control your greed.

Maybe if you keep these 3 keys visible while you’re trading, you’ll remember they are TRUE KEYS TO LONG-TERM TRADING SUCCESS AND PROFIT, not if bitcoin is going to skyrocket because they’ve finally solved their scaling issues….

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