Cryptopatterns Market Wrap V1 issue 2 6 5 17 8:30 PM EST


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NOTE:  The basic idea of our “Market Wrap” is simple

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Cryptopatterns Market Wrap  

Monday, June 5, 2017  8:30 PM EST  Vol 1 issue 2

USDT Exchange Crypto Market Summary (search category “market crypto” for more)

Today’s price action showed more bullish signs than bearish

BTC has continue to grind higher and is now right below all time highs — still on lower volume and still with bearish divergence.

LTC reached it’s target of $31 but has pulled back — higher volume

ETH did not drop on it’s 1st day it usually can under the current sell signal – ETH did not go up either

XMR went up nicely but on very low volume

REP threatened new highs but pulled back

NXT made new highs but this is a low volume coin on the USDT exchange –still worth noting

As for bearish indicators

XRP has not moved up at all –down a little on the day

Perhaps the most important — there has been no “breakout” bullish buying.  In general volumes are lower — they can keep taking price up for a long time and make traders anxious to get on the bus suffer, but ultimately volume needs to confirm this rebound rally or prices will drop. And likely drop a lot.

As of tonight, we’ll respect price action and give a slight edge to bulls.  It’s a very slight edge given ETH AND BTC are both under sell signals unless they break out to the upside.

UPDATE 8:40 PM EST – Market becoming more volatile as BTC tests highs — reaction tonight should be important to future trend.  BTC should drop in next 4-12 hours or explode higher if it’s going to create sell signal failure.

Edge to bulls means we’re watching for a price breakout and ideally waiting for a retest of that breakout to make our ST and IT entries in big crypto. If there’s a price breakdown, it should be fairly obvious.

BTC Exchange Crypto Market Summary (search categories high risk low vol crypto and “market crypto” for more)

The rotation trade came into doubt today.   Prices have risen far for quality crypto on the BTC exchange than than the USDT exchange (FCT, DGB, SC others) but none finished at the highs which is what you want to see in a strong bull market.

In fact, there were a few that showed unexpected weakness notably BTS, VTC and BCN. If this weakness doesn’t reverse back to bullish behavior in the next 24 hours (or sooner), highest prob position managment stops should be tighten or positions closed altogether.

BTC is threatening a serious breakout currently so the individual crypt analysis will be added later or tomorrow so this can get to subscribers on a timely basis.



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