$DGB $SC Finding “SAFE” high risk action for subscribers.

strat update 6 2 17

Shared this with subs yesterday – probabilities said miss the STRAT bus even knowing  big gains VST were possible (prices up 20% overnight).  Still, we go where the action is so we don’t miss them all….

If you follow @cryptopatterns on twitter, you watched over the last several days as we completed a 1700% rate of return trade on $DGB in real time. We’ve also made nice profits on $SC. More importantly, we were able to get our subscribers the information ahead of the big moves so they could decide if $DGB or $SC were trades that made sense for them.

All this comes after last month where patterns made calls for huge moves in $ETH, $DASH $XMR as well as advising subscribers of the 50% crash while the market was still skyrocketing as well as in real time the day the move down started.  We make many of these subscriber posts free after the fact so go check them out for yourself if interested.

If you watch the crypto markets like we do, and read about (or make) 1700% rates of return – the following point might sound crazy but

10% is a high rate of return

So our priorities for subscribers are simple–provide helpful information in this order:

  1. STAY SAFE – safety is relative — accept the fact that nothing is truly safe in trading cryptocurrency for now, but traders don’t need to make it worse  taking huge risks and not putting probabilities or position management on their side.                                                                                                                                                                                      We try to share information that will keep subscribers from taking unnecessary risks and present information that can help as part of a trade strategy that can produce overall returns that make it worth trading (maybe more than 10% but not all that much)
  2. Find high probability trades with favorable risk/return opportunities

To accomplish these objectives, we go where the action is, and right now we’re seeing more LEGITIMATE action in “high flyer” crypto than the big boys like $ETH and $BTC

Sure, this could all be manipulation by whales and bots to take our attention away from the true big money crypto, but when you are looking for safe, high probability trades, you need tools to confirm if you are where the action truly is, and we have those tools.

In fact, we discussed ROTATION last time this happened, so we know our tools help us recognize head fakes.

So, as of now, we’re watching higher risk crypto, because that’s where the action is — but we want to do it SAFELY. This means missing some buses  — for example – we saw the big upside in STRAT and told subs about it yesterday — but there were indicators that said not to chase this trade — so we also shared with subs the highest prob was to stay on the sidelines for that one.

strat update 6 2 17

We don’t mind missing the bus – even an amazing bus. We’ve missed many. We just remind ourselves there’s always another one coming from somewhere, we just have to watch for patterns that help us find it–SAFELY with probabilities on our side.

This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and not in any way intended to be investment or trading advice.  You are 100% responsible for your financial decisions at all times.  It is highly recommended you DO NOT  make any investment or trading decisions depending upon what you read on this blog/newsletter!



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