BTC XRP Updates 5 26 17 9:10 AM Est

This site is for informational and entertainment purposes only and not in any way intended to be investment or trading advice.  You are 100% responsible for your financial decisions at all times.  It is highly recommended you DO NOT  make any investment or trading decisions depending upon what you read on this blog/newsletter!

NOTE: It’s early to have reliable pattern targets for ABC down patterns if current bearish patterns play out, however, since most crypto we follow is in LT bullish patterns it’s important to have a plan to buy back in (or buy in) so we’ll share some working targets but note they are not highly reliable and can be adjusted as patterns develop.

One additional caution: There’s a case for fast ABC patterns which means the corrections will likely be fairly shallow (25-40%) and reverse back up very quickly. Best not to get overinvested in other ST investments during an ABC pullback if there are core positions you want to get into at better prices.  In other words = be patient and hold cash for high probability entries on the trades you feel are strongest!

btc abc tgt update 5 26 17

xrp update 5 25 17


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