Sold most of my ETH position

Saturday June 11, 2016  11:00 PM

Sold rest of additional 50% position avg price of $14.10 total gain approx 5% after  about a week of holding position.

Sold 50% of my core position at avg price of around $14.00.  Total gain approx 40% after about 1 month of holding position.

Bitcoin met and exceeded my target of $625 — sold another 30% of my very small position — still holding 50% with target of $665. Gain of approx 25% with about 1 month holding position. Again don’t give me any real credit for nice BTC gains–They were largely due to converting to BTC in order to purchase ETH that never got invested in ETH.

Moderate probability I will sell down to 25% of my core position in ETH, as I still see patterns which are more likely down than up in the near term.

I will almost surely sell the rest of my BTC position soon and will considering shorting BTC if I get a pattern that creates a very strong probability and a clear exit strategy if that pattern doesn’t play out.






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