Roadmap for ETH and BTC price targets

6:00 AM June 1, 2016

It’s important to never marry a target. As I’ve written anything can happen at any time and when patterns fail price usually goes significantly the opposite way causing max pain if you are not flexible and ready to be wrong.

With that in mind I see a moderate probability pattern that would create a near-term price road map that looks like this:

ETH goes to 17.50 – 20.00 (USD unless otherwise noted) while BTC falls to 365-385.  Then ETH will correct back to the $12.50-14 range while BTC moves back up above 550 to at least 600.

ETH had a strong up day yesterday as projected going well above $14.00 yesterday but has fallen back to $13.50 US as I write this.

This road could be very windy but however it lays out ETH should see 17.50 before any price in the $11 range and BTC should see $385 before $575 or it’s highly probable we’re travelling a different road.


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