Inefficient Market for ETH Helpful

If ETH has another leg up in this move, today has a high probability of being the day it will happen.

I was prepared to make a sizeable add to my position with a well defined stop.  However, the process of getting funds into an exchange ready to make this trade is so cumbersome and involves so many fees (transfer to BTC fees, exchange rate fees, commissions to purchase ETH) that it’s simply not worth the potential upside to the ETH target to pursue this add.

I made a small add with funds that were already available for purchasing ETH, and all targets remain the same.*  I’ll just move forward with the core position I have and wait for a higher return trade to justify further additions.

*BTC dropped into the $420 range over the weekend.  This has a moderate probability of being the bottom of it’s current move.  The patterns show an equal probability we go down further from here and an even greater probability for a drop below $400 even if there is some upside first.


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