Headfakes, games and indicators

I value nothing above the pattern.  However, there are various indicators that either confirm the pattern has a high probability or show a divergence from the pattern and signal caution.

I value nothing above the pattern, except for one piece of knowledge that is:

NOTHING works every time.  Anything can happen at any time.  Anything.

Okay that’s two pieces of knowledge but you get the point.

I fully expect many headfakes and huge spike games both ways to be played along the way to my targets.  All you can do at all times is check your patterns and indicators and play the probabilities,  respecting what they tell you, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

BTC showed quite a bit of weakness yesterday — ETH was explosively strong.  This morning ETH is dropping hard and BTC is recovering.

Indicators support high probability that today could be a down or even day for ETH (closing near the lows) followed by a lower low tomorrow reversing to what could be several more up days.

BTC pattern shows high probability for the opposite, an up day (closing near the highs) today with a higher high tomorrow then reversing to several more down days.

Targets are unchanged  (BTC showing signs it could be lowered–more on that soon) That’s the plan, but I’ll be watching for major headfakes and games as well as ETH has caught lot of attention now, and making money won’t be easy for anyone from here — for a while at least.






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