Getting Explosive

Within an hour of my post yesterday ETH took off, the beginning of the explosive move I described?  Probably, but what happens today is the confirmation I’m looking for.

Sometimes the patterns do show high probabilities of big moves down to the day.  I had no idea there would be a big move up in ETH yesterday, I just knew the patterns said it would be coming SOON.

Today is a different story. Today has a high probability of a strong up day and so far it’s looking like it.  If not, the next window for explosive upside would be in the thursday/friday range.

Targets remain the same, however, I need to note that the .0315-.03250 BTC target was estimated when BTC was trading around $455 USD.  If BTC decides it’s time to move down towards $400 that would change the target for ETH priced in BTC.

I’ll add an initial price target for ETH of $17.25 USD with a solid chance at 22-23 range in the not too distant future.

This shit can get confusing when you’re dealing in multiple currencies, but what’s not confusing is the patterns currently showing more upside for ETH.


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