They have to make you regret it

While I wait for pattern targets to get hit, or until a new pattern emerges, there’s little to say-but I’ll add a thought or two when I think it’s worth it.

ETH has already had a huge run up during 2016, and is currently getting lots of hype with the DAO funding, so it’s intuitively hard to imaging another big move up while everyone is supposedly buying away.

However, the patterns suggest that price hasn’t gone high enough yet to make people who did not get on the ETH bus regret missing the opportunity.  Per the patterns, there’s a strong probability of an explosive move soon that gives the feeling it’s going up too much, too fast.  Nothing is guaranteed of course–probabilities, never certainties….

This has already happened recently for ETH and that decreases the probability it will happen again so soon, but the patterns say probabilities are still high.  Also,  I’m not hearing enough talk about “waiting for a pullback” to buy ETH (there’s some, but not enough) to believe we’re at the top of any significant price range.


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